Dimension of Mind

Dear Rich, I want to immerse myself in the unreality of reality, any suggestions?

Sure dear reader, in fact I was just doing this very thing by watching a bunch of episodes from the Twilight Zone. It’s a fantastic TV series from the early 1960s. I don’t recommend the scary episodes, but here’s some others that’ll get you questioning the very nature of reality. And although they’re listed here in chronological order, be aware that episodes can and should be watched in any order, they’re not interconnected in any way.

S1E23 A World of Difference. Is it real or imagined?
S1E24 Long Live Walter Jameson. Questioning the value of longevity.
S1E34 The After Hours. A mysterious existence.
S1E36 A World of His Own. Life born of imagination.
S2E2 Man in the Bottle. Sometimes nothing is better than something.
S2E19 Mr. Dingle, the Strong. Martians giveth and they taketh away.
S2E27 The Mind and the Matter. Careful what you wish for.
S2E28 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up. Things aren’t always as they seem.
S3E15 Nothing in the Dark. Challenging the fearfulness of death.
S3E31 The Trade-Ins. A thought on growing old.
S3E37 Cavender is Coming. Sometimes what’s broken doesn’t need fixing.

And here are some social-commentary oriented episodes:
S1E22 The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. A warning about paranoia.
S2E6 Eye of the Beholder. The subjectiveness of beauty.
S3E24 To Serve Man. A warning about trusting those that promise too much.
S3E29 The Little People. The dangers of little minds.
S3E30 Four O’Clock. Another warning about paranoia.
S5E33 The Brain Center at Whipple’s. Automation in the workplace.

Notation Note: S5E33 means Season 5, Episode 33


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