Virtual Enlightenment

So in my opinion, the realization of life’s virtuality is equivalent to the spiritual concept of enlightenment. And the point of connecting the two is to make the process of enlightenment relatable to a modern audience. Enlightenment after all, occurs when we see through the veil of illusion that obscures the eternal foundation of existence.

For thousands of years it’s said that seekers have walked the path to enlightenment. But in our technological age, ancient terminology can seem strange, even repellant. So something more modern, such as the simulation theory, becomes a necessary metaphor for those of us more technologically oriented.

To note, I don’t necessarily believe there’s a large physical computer located somewhere beyond our universe. This world could very well be a dream-like experience conjured up by a single infinite being. I don’t think enlightenment reveals that level of granular detail. But what it does allow, is the perception that our world is an artificial construct.

Throughout all history the most thoughtful among us have claimed such things — are we to dismiss their musings as mere superstition? Modern thinkers would do better by harmonizing with those of old instead of proclaiming themselves the sole holders of truth. The fundamental nature of the human experience remains constant, we need not start from scratch in every era.


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