Unnaturally Occurring

Consider this, if we were actually living in a naturally occuring world, we’d expect safety and survival to be our number one priority. Yet it’s not, not even close. For instance, the amount of people that are reportedly killed everyday in car accidents should be a shocking statistic, yet it’s not. Cars could be capped at traveling 20 mph and built for maximum crash survivability, yet they’re not. In fact speed limits have regularly increased over time.

In a naturally occurring world, our schools would teach key survival skills, yet they don’t. They teach grammar, quadratic equations, the most superficial aspects of our historic narrative, periodic tables with atomic weights, and literature that’s not relatable — many things that most students never care for nor utilize throughout the rest of their lives.

For a society in a naturally occurring world we’d expect physical and mental health to take priority over the subjunctive case. We’d expect food cultivation and preparation to be more important than memorizing a list of dates. We’d expect group cohesion to take precedence over the quantity of protons in particular elements. We’d expect the practical application of human knowledge to be drilled into each student, yet it’s not, not even close.

Schools are not training-centers but pageants where people parade around and pretend to learn something significant. Yet as a society, things get done, the lights stay on and food keeps coming, all while technology progresses at fantastic rates. We know things even though we shouldn’t. We’re all flying blind within this world yet we’re thriving as a species — our continuous prosperity defies logic.

We must therefore conclude that this is not a naturally occurring world. An ounce of observation reveals innumerable plot holes. Cleverly though, this world attempts to obfuscate these irregularities through constant captivation, always turning our attention towards something new, attempting to prevent an ongoing analysis. But when we keep staring, remaining focused, ignoring the sights and sounds that surround, we can perceive it, the virtuality of this world.


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