Order Up

Some people enjoy cheesecake. I do not. And although I find it difficult to comprehend, I realize that some people don’t enjoy chocolate cake (an actual cake by the way, not some pie-like abomination). An array of options exist in the world, some we like, some we don’t. What a horrible habit it is to focus on those options we don’t enjoy.

I had that habit for many many years and suffered accordingly. Although we don’t realize it, our emotions are optional too. I regularly ignore fear, sadness, disgust, and anger. They come to visit sure, but I no longer invite them in. I no longer sit with them and listen to their stories. And if they persist, I berate and belittle them until they shrink away. And as expected, I’m much more satisfied with life.

Some people do enjoy sad sentimental tales, they delight in the feeling of tears flowing down their face. I do not. Some people appreciate the thrill of a good fright, they relish the feeling of a pounding heart. I do not. Yet I spent so much time wishing these options didn’t exist instead of exploring the options I did like.

It’s not my right to remove cheesecake from the menu. Nor is it my right to eradicate sadness and fear as emotional fodder. The polite approach in life is to order the items we do like and stop worrying whether we’ll be served the wrong ones. And if the wrong plate is set before us, we must find a way to enjoy our evening nonetheless.


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