Dumb Stuff

I’ve seen people stressed and obsessed over the dumbest stuff imaginable. Even if I tried, I couldn’t devise stupider stuff to care about. It’s not a short list either, I could go on and on about the stuff I deem unworthy of attention. But that line of thought leads me to believe that most people probably think the stuff I’m into is moronic too.

And that leads me to believe that we’re all a bunch of ignoramuses performing inane tasks all day long. If we’re all filling our time with nonesense, then we really are just a bunch of MMORPG-like characters grinding away at fundamentally worthless tasks, clueless noobs stumbling through our virtual world.

Oh but this is not a criticism of existence by the way. No, no, no. Not in the slightest. It’s an epiphany of sorts. It simply highlights several facets of existence:

One, if all we ever do is silly-stuff, existence cannot be a solemn affair. To believe in the seriousness of life is an outright error. Life clearly involves a parade of persistent buffoonery. Life is not a brutal realm of dog-eat-dog, but a funhouse meant to frighten for the fun of it.

Two, we are all oblivious losers that can’t take care of ourselves no matter how hard we try. Something is constantly insuring our safety and continued existence, of this there is no doubt. In an all-natural world we would have been wiped out long ago — this world is virtual and we’re coddled all the way through it.

Three, it just doesn’t matter. I stopped stressing myself out and stopped feeling overwhelmed, stopped my persistent worrying and stopped being scared — these little dramas just don’t matter. The only logical course of action in a funhouse is to have fun. To constantly complain, to seek out inconsistencies, and to focus on the worst aspects of life just doesn’t make sense.

Four, let the sunshine in. We go down this path not to torture ourselves but to incite delight. Never worry what’s around the corner, instead always be looking for something to laugh at. This is a virtual realm, we need not be afraid. Our actual job is not whatever tasks we fill our day with, but to appreciate this experience for what it is — a rollercoaster of adventure.

My friend once replied to me, no you’re not an old-soul Rich, you’re a new one. Old-souls know how to have fun. They’ve been around the block and know how the game’s played. Yet you’re too busy worrying about the rules and whether everything’s following your self-imposed guidelines. You take things too seriously. She might be right.

Therefore, I wish to relinquish my noob status and become an intermediate player, a seeker of merriment, a frolicker in-fact, even a Hufflepuff perhaps (gasp!). Let me become one who delights in life, for to do otherwise is a tragic mistake of incredible ignorance. The thrills, the chills, the action and adventure — seekers of joy, let us ever live lightheartedly.


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