Under Starry Skies

If we perceive life as a virtual-reality, the things we see aren’t ultimately real. Although don’t just jump off a cliff, because even in games players go splat. There’s a particular narrative here that we somewhat follow. Yet people actually do jump off cliffs for fun, albeit attached to some kind of contraption that helps them land softly.

There are rules we seem to follow, yet they’re not as strict as our shortsightedness implies they are. It is in error to assume we understand the limits of life. That one thing must follow another, or one thing can’t follow another, is the viewpoint of our ignorant perspective. A perspective by the way, that has been constantly altering since our birth.

When we catch ourselves assigning boundaries to life, we should use that moment to dismantle the fence we just attempted to construct. On the other side of every fence, there’s always something else. Fences don’t define reality, they’re artificial constructs used to divide the world into superficial segments — digestible portions for easy understanding.

But what’s simple, what can be seen within a single viewing, is not the entirety. Limits are lies if we interpret them as truth. A limit is a convenient reference-point at best. Because of our shortsightedness and ever changing perspective, we must accept all possibilities as potentialities — but with one caveat — we must be positive.

Existence itself proves that creation and growth have always outpaced destruction and decay — it has never not been so, lest we would not be here. Pessimism therefore, is outright wrong. Life rests on the positive side of the scale, and accordingly we must underlie our calculations with hopefulness, ever trusting in the momentum of existence.


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