Game AI

Life attempts to captivate by utilizing whatever evokes a reaction, therefore have a mind full of delightful thoughts lest life select something disagreeable. Whatever elicits annoyance, disarm it and seek to see the pleasant in all things.

Tasks are artificial constructs, the only avenue to failure in life is failing to enjoy oneself. When we care about a lack of accomplishment then life sees that care and maintains the condition.

When we shrink away from something, life sees that as an easy way to engage our attention, by just dangling it inches away. We must overcome these petty fears or else they remain ever-present.

All the game-of-life cares about is whether we’re emotionally engaged. If we’re invested in the story, life is doing its job. It doesn’t matter whether we’re tied to the story by fright or delight. But it is within our power to alter these ties.

By changing our focus, we can dismantle old attachments and create new ones. If we overcome fear, life won’t bother trying to scare. We must defuse and ignore whatever it is we don’t like until we become bored by it. And likewise, we must purposefully seek out and focus on whatever we do like, finding things that elicit excitement.

If we fear failure for example, we’ll either fail outright or be brought right up to the brink of it. If we fear betrayal, life will flash it before our eyes. If we fear spiders, their eight-little legs will wander into our path.

If we’re not worried about our finances, somehow we manage. If we’re not fretting about our health, we lack ailments. The algorithm is obvious when we think about it: if we seek out what’s sad, we cry more — yet if we look for what’s funny, we laugh more.


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