Simple Saying

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Wandering Monk.

I don’t know why, but I memorized the simple saying of positivity I devised a few days ago — although slightly altered:

I believe in the benevolence of God.
God, the almighty author of my narrative.
God, the selfless provider of all things.

I align with God, appreciating the path before me.
God, my ever-present protector.
God, from whom I receive absolute love.

It did sound like a prayer after all. And in my interpretation at least, it aligns very well with the Lord’s Prayer from the book of Matthew, which is presented as a guide for prayers.

I used to think those-of-old were primitives praying to a fictitious idol. Yet their capacity to comprehend was no less than it is today. They merely used the vocabulary and iconography of their day — just as we use ours. But there’s something to be said for tradition and the classics.

God in this instance, is the totality, everything to do with existence and beyond — and God is good, which means life is intended as a wholesome experience. God sets the stage and creates the circumstances from which daily drama unfolds, captivating each of us. God gives this experience as a gift, for what value could we offer in return. But to enjoy anything, we cannot approach with a disparaging attitude, we must go in with an open mind, with respect and gratitude for the activity. And through it all, God grants us safe passage, for we would be impotent within this world without the prodding and protection we receive. Underlying all of this is fathomless affection — every feeling of warmth originates from His resplendent glow.

Some may say: what use is God in my life? I reply, what use is happiness? For their pursuit is one in the same. Happiness is the cultivation and maintenance of relentless positivity. This facet has long been known, yet something so deep cannot be held within a shallow mind. The detritus must be removed and the boundaries stretched before such knowledge can fit. Physical existence, along with its limitations, is much too small. The idea of a fragile little creature crawling around a rock warmed by a fireball cannot serve as the foundation of limitless joy. Nay, for inexhaustible ecstasy, we need the power of God.

And to summon such power, we must call Him by name. It is by prayer that we do so. And within these invocations we must affirm our faith in the goodness of life, assent to the path life lays before us, give thanks for the gift of existence, and recognize our childlike ignorance and inability to self-sustain. But above all we must recognize and acknowledge the love we so receive, then do likewise towards all God’s creations. For we must perceive God as our Father, the shining example we follow, selflessly giving and loving without limit.


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