Fictitious Precipice

What I observe in myself and those within my view, are people having trouble dealing with their imagination. We’re haunted by dark figments existing solely within our thoughts. At various times we’re sad, anxious, insecure, frightened, frustrated, and unfulfilled. But why? We’re only teetering on a fictitious precipice.

Raw survival has never been our problem. We suffocate ourselves with superficial stressors. Physical obstacles are not in our way, they’ve only ever been a mirage. Therefore, we must strive to overcome worry itself rather than the theoretical things we worry about. Worry is a real problem we can identify and deal with.

We’re insecure because we don’t trust that life is benevolent. We believe there’s a chance we’ll falter and fail, that we’re weak and incapable. But we are weak and incapable, which is why life has been propping us up the entire time. What have we ever done that life hasn’t made happen through a series of fortunate events? We don’t take our next breath unless life allows it.

For us, air is breathable, food is available, people are likable, and wants are attainable. Yet despite everything provided, we’re still scared of the boogeyman. We still obsess that at some point life will stop giving of its goodness. So with every ounce of effort, we must pursue this goal: dismantle pessimism in every instance and cultivate perpetual trust in the goodness of life.


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