Whole Season

Evil is separating others into us-versus-them. Evil is dividing wholes into digestible portions to be consumed for selfish gain. Evil is coercing others into a life they do not deem worthy. Good is cooperation. Good is disolving division. Good is helping others live the life they see fit for themselves.

Evil speech is divisive and incites outrage. Good speech is peaceful and induces calm. Outcomes cannot be predicted, so it is the intent and manner in which acts are performed that matters. Anger and fear are the foundations of evil and must be destroyed, not transferred to particular targets.

The battle against evil must begin within. We must undermine our own anger and fear. We must instantly forgive and seek immediate resolution. We must be brave and dismiss all worrisome thoughts that attempt to capture our attention. We must dismantle our own tendency to create borders within entireties.

Evil is harsh. Evil adds fuel to fires. Good is gentle. Good is stepping lightly amidst the storm. Good brings together, sewing a quilt of many patches that ultimately warms the whole. Evil is selfish and self-serving. Good is selfless and self-sacrificing. Evil takes without care. Good gives without care.


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