Imagined Battle

The modern battlefield is located within the collective imagination of mankind. Its soldiers are the influencers that impart particular narratives within the minds of followers. Whoever tells the most persuasive tale wins. But whose side are you on, those that paint with dower grays and sullen blues — or those that paint with golden hues?

The war is raging before us, yet if you step aside, apathy favors darkness. Step into the light, reflecting the brilliance for all to see. Illuminate the shadows and they disappear. But be vigilant as others work to cast more shadow in light’s way. Night fills half the day remember, therefore your work is never done.

The battle before us is outrage versus calm. There are those that stir the pot just to witness turbulence. Stirring in the opposite direction only results in splashing and spilling. Within a vast liquid, a tiny spoon has no effect — such spoons therefore seek to segregate wholes into smaller portions. Unite these parts and the spoon is lost within an ocean.

Do not attack the spoon — as another is always waiting. Attack the boundaries, destroying that which divides, causing the whole to come flooding in, washing away the spoons. Walls block the light — undermine their foundation, allowing them to collapse under their own weight. Follow the resplendent path, for those advocating cooperation and unity do good works.


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