Linear Accomplishment

Is accomplishment linear? For instance, if I want to build a house in Minecraft, I simply select the appropriate tool, gather the right resources, choose a building location, place each block according to plan, and voila — done. But the real-world seems more indirect than this, like there’s a haze of uncertainty all along the path.

If I want to build a house in the real-world, where do I start? Finances? Obtain a large sum of money? Find an empty lot? Speak to a real estate agent? Builder? Browse house designs? Select building-materials? Get permits? Within my mind, I can’t really see the complete path to building a house in the real-world. All I can really do is have faith in the process.

In a virtual-world, everything is logical and follows a linear path. A virtual-world investment pays-off exactly as expected. A virtual-world project is completed by a specific routine with a set amount of effort. Yet in the real-world everything seems nebulous and uncertain. Although, what if the real-world behaves unpredictably only because I believe it should. In other words, the world lives up to my expectations.

For those that do accomplish great things, perhaps life is behaving exactly as they expected too. I expect things to go awry. I expect delays and setbacks and endless obstacles. So perhaps my wish is granted. Negative people often assume that life purposefully piles poop onto their path, yet what if their outlook is actually summoning the crap.

When browsing through people’s lives, I’m not sure I can detect definitive patterns. I see some succeed despite their dour attitude. But the world is all things to all people, so a pattern might be impossible to discern. Because of this, it’s probably best not to directly compare my life to others, as we may be on completely different planes of existence.

If I’m in creative-mode and my life contains unpleasantness and lack, then that means I am requesting these conditions by my expectations. Therefore if I alter my expectations, then conditions should change. But if I start expecting the best of life to manifest before my eyes, how long must I wait to see some results?

But let’s analyze this a bit. I’ve had some really negative thoughts in the past, yet they never manifested despite my constant worry. This means that life doesn’t necessarily use my thoughts as a set of instructions. Perhaps it only uses my attitude as a rough guide to go by and then fills in the details. And since I’m on easy-mode, my bad attitude causes me to get a cold instead of murdered.

It’s actually pretty embarrassing how often I’d contemplate all the horrible ways in which I’d meet my demise. I stopped doing this by the way. My overall attitude has been much improved over the past five years, especially this past year. And in a few ways it does seem like there’s been small but perceptible changes in my surroundings.

What I’m waiting for now are the grand sweeping changes, the fabulous cash and prizes. I don’t need to remain in my little cave anymore, but I’ve no real reason to step out unless something wondrous awaits. And now I’m ready and willing to accept such delights, minus the suspicion, without complaint, and finally full of appreciation. Let’s do this!


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