Lost in Paradise

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Wandering Monk.

God created a playground in which man enjoyed himself. That is until the fruit of false knowledge sprouted within his thoughts. Fear and worry clouded man’s mind. A gloomy hue formed over man’s eyes until all he could see was the worst of what life had to offer. Man could no longer perceive paradise, yet he never truly left the garden.

God gave man autonomy and watched as he stumbled about, tripping in self-imposed darkness. Yet God so loved man that He sent a light bright enough to penetrate man’s blindness. But man had become many, a fractured whole, each piece scared of the next, fighting a constant battle of selfish survival.

To the confused, God’s brilliance induces distress — backs turn and they face the shade. Such tiny shards cannot individually retain the glory of God. These fractions must become whole, a chorus of one singing His praises. Yet each is lost playing his own tune in a disharmonious mass — the discordant mess of mankind.

Although the power each part possesses is limited, by focusing on forgetting the self, each fragment can remove the boundary separating one from the other. This is the duty of the constituents that glimpse their condition: destroy the idea of difference, dismantle feelings of fright, turn selfishness to selflessness, and seek to unite the entirety.

God awaits with open arms, ready to welcome man in his perfected form.


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