Praised Past

It’s odd to hear the past praised as if the modern day is some den of unique iniquity. It’s especially odd considering the facts that we learn about our historic narrative. We hear of devastating wars, millions of deaths, and a myriad of abuses and constant struggles. Even our religions speak of a soil soaked in innocent blood. So I ask, when was this great time of peace?

Even the garden of Eden didn’t last long, as man and woman were quickly cast out. In history or mythology or any fictional depiction of mankind, there’s stressors and strife. Our time contains no more or less of these endless obstacles — their appearance simply alters for each era. Oftentimes conflicts are not fought on battlefields.

If only the past were today, we’d be afflicted in some ancient way. If only we lived in a previous epoch, everything would be perfect — yet all passed through the strain until reaching their eventual day of death just as any other. And in days to come, they too will experience the trials and tribulations of existence.

It is not the setting we’re within that makes the difference — there are trials to overcome wherever we are. It is gratitude for the challenge and hopefulness for achievment that makes the difference. How should we face life? By ever looking back? Frightened of the future? Or by focusing on what’s at hand, thankful for the activity, and always trusting in the goodness to come.


One thought on “Praised Past

  1. Yes we can, “focusing on what’s at hand, thankful for the activity, and always trusting in the goodness to come” but if we build our ‘today’s’ using the foundation of our past our focus may be clearer.

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