Toxic Division

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Bytekings.

Can’t we just cut ourselves off from the rest of the country?

The problem is not regional, you’ll see the split sprinkled throughout a single street.

Then how can we get rid of the troublemakers?

Let me ask you this, if an undesirable substance mixes into a desirable substance, how do you separate the two? You employ a mechanism that catches and concentrates one, then discard the trash.

Just what are you saying?

I’m saying that the undesirable substance is currently concentrating, which will soon make it ready for removal.

Wait, you mean…?

Ha, no we’re not talking about people, but toxic ideas.

But now they have power to go along with those ideas.

How do you tame an unruly child? At first you show him that you understand his hurt. Then you bring him around, introducing him to productive tasks. You give him responsibility. You provide him the dignity he never thought he had.

But what’s to say they won’t abuse the power?

Then what hope is there for the whole? Should we lord over them as masters? Why should we want to become tyrants always at the ready with rod in hand? No, if we want the world we dream of then we must strive to instill maturity within all.


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