Turkey Time

The Pilgrims left the confines of their modern society for the vast undeveloped wilderness of the American continent. They felt so constricted by existing infrastructure that they rejected it wholeheartedly, risking life and limb to settle in unknown territory. They had only their faith in the Almighty Creator to see them through, and planned accordingly.

Following a rough voyage, what awaited was a bitter cold landscape. Half perished as their hope expired. But the rest saw prayers answered. Empty villages still stocked with food stood before them. Non-existent natives showed no hostility as they were already ravaged by disease brought by earlier explorers.

And what’s this, an English-speaking native able to explain the methods of survival to such an unprepared lot? Huh?! How?! With God all things are possible. Though their ignorance in worldly ways knew no bounds, these pilgrims knew spirit as the foundation of life, ever trusting in an underlying goodness to provide for their needs.

But of course, like a great feast after the first few bites looks less sumptuous and more a mess, so too did the narrative begin to get a bit messy. But overall, life in Massachusetts flourished following the initial settlement. Through their recklessness, these people proved life’s benevolent design.

Could all this be coincidence? Mere luck? ‘Twas not survival of the fittest but of those most faithful. Who would dare leave civilized life behind in favor of the untamed wilds? It was the ultimate expression of faith — God protect and nourish us, lest we die. And so He did — providing proof of providence.

We therefore celebrate this season, giving thanks to the Almighty for the nourishment He provides to those trusting in His goodness. We set aside this time as a reminder that our path is only limited by our faith. We stuff ourselves with unyielding hope smothered in cheer. We surround ourselves with love, giving as we have been given.


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