Fanciful Toolbox

Wishing is a tool like any other. Misuse it and you might get hurt — but applying it correctly might fix what’s broken.

For instance, if wishes have deadlines, that’s a demand — it’s better to be a bit more open-ended. Because access to information is limited, assume that some wishes shouldn’t come true, assume that the wish-fulfiller knows best. Also realize that other people’s wishes have a right to their own fulfillment.

Remember that wishes are a means of instilling hope and fostering anticipation — these are positive feelings — so in a sense, actual fulfillment is not necessary. Fulfillment ultimately means a wish is over, only to be replaced with a new one. Wishing is a lighthearted practice, not an obsession with outcomes.

Critics of wishing are the ones often obsessed with outcomes, yet many wishers simply use the process as a form of daydreaming. It’s a mistake to assume that a lack of fulfillment means wishing has no beneficial purpose. The generation of positive feelings is a good thing. Instead of focusing on the grey clouds above, it’s often better to visualize the sun and blue sky that’s hiding behind.

Critics sometimes say that wishing causes wishers to focus on the scarcity of their situation — but the reverse is true. Why limit goals to whatever lies within the immediate view. Thinking about what could be, rather than what currently is, is expansive. A wish is simply a goal that lacks an obvious path of attainment.

Just because the route is currently unknown, doesn’t mean the destination can never be reached. In the meantime, why not mentally prepare to get there. Why not try-on the outcome within the imagination. Using creativity to paint pleasant scenes within the imagination is a good thing.


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