Horrible Happenings

I’m very good at being a relentless pessimist. Provide me with input and I’ll discern the worst aspects imaginable. It’s automatic of course, I’ll shred whatever enters my perception. But to maximize my enjoyment, I must reverse this inclination. I’m great at imagining horrible happenings — so why not flip these fictional expectations and assume the best in each situation.

Do not be wary, life is not scary.
See past the fright, look to the light.
Keep hope in thought, never be distraught.
Destroy the dread, think benevolence instead.
Be on your guard, remembering life is not hard.

Drill it in: existence is good-natured fun; well-being is the foundation of life. Do not let negativity slip by: snatch it, flip it and reverse it. The prize of this game is continuous delight while not playing guarantees gloom. A simple choice if there ever was one.

So adorn yourself in the armor of relentless cheer. Fight the feelings of fear. Smash sadness with pitiless positivity. Annihilate anger with waves of crashing calm. This day, and every one like it, is yours for the taking — you’ve simply to smile and trust in life’s goodness. To Victory!


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