Reseting Perspective

The street is dimly lit, you see a small dark dog in the distance. A car zooms by, running something over. You audibly gasp and stare ahead at a dead dog with entrails everywhere. You’re shocked and unsure of what to do. Your heart pounds away. Suddenly a dog barks and you look up. Huh? You look over at the lump in the street and it turns out to be a battered box with some red and black rags hanging out. The tension fades, you feel relief, you laugh a little. The car ran over a box, not a dog, how silly.

You went from experiencing a traumatic incident to feeling a bit ridiculous because of your reaction to something that occurred within your imagination due to a faulty perception. This is what enlightenment does, it resets the perspective of everything that came before. Was my life a hellhole filled with relentless misery? Nah, just a simple story filled with captivating twists and turns like any good drama. From that point on, everything that ever happened was in good fun, a joke to be taken lightheartedly.

For in the span of infinite existence what can anything matter? From the viewpoint of an audience member observing the ongoings of a little creature made of meat, such delightfully wicked circumstances entertain us to the core. Roller coasters exist even in our immediate surroundings, thrilling riders with the intensity of fear. Each life we live is a roller coaster, filled with slow climbs of growing anticipation followed by sudden and steep declines of heart-pounding excitement.

But we can become so scared of the ride before us that we shrink away, wishing never to participate. This is the purpose of enlightenment, providing relief to the distraught, providing a path to satisfaction, a means to enjoy this flashing spectacle of light and sound. And so I invite you, the slightly confused, to walk this path of enlightenment and end your misunderstanding. Place one foot in front of the other, moving away from the muddled darkness and into the clarity of light.