Seeking Relief

Some people absolutely need to feel the sensation of accomplishment. They need to get something done, completed, checked-off. Oftentimes, they won’t even consider how their obsession affects others. Think about the history of labor relations in this country for instance: forced-labor, prison-labor, child-labor — people with no say in their conditions working for mere sustenance.

In terms of labor relations, think not of the laborer in this instance, but of the one in-charge burdened by a maniacal drive-to-do, forsaking the humanity of others. Why push others to such extremes in order to accumulate meaningless trinkets? By all means pursue a dream, but not at the expense of others. There must be a certain set of guidelines that cannot be crossed.

Resources are readily available, squeezing is not needed, yet the pressure is there. There is no practical reason to apply such pressure except for an obsession within such people. And those that surround them become as pawns, pushed around a board, sacrificed for promotion in a game that ends the same for both winner and loser.

These people of which I speak do get things done, no doubt. The grand playground we stand within would remain undeveloped otherwise. But they must never have their power go unchecked lest they lose their decency and attempt to claim gifts that rightfully belong to all. This world exists not for the exploitation by some, but for the enjoyment of the whole.

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