Dreamlike Decisions

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Alien on Earth.

Rich, you’re a deep thinker, rational, someone that others often label “smart”, you performed decently in school, and you’re relatively well-informed in both current-events and historic matters, what’s your take on the election?

I think it a topic so bizarre that it can only be understood in terms of dream-logic. For instance, if knowing what a president actually does was a condition for voting, then not many would qualify, not even the candidates themselves in many instances. Instead people simply select the candidate they feel represents their personal perception of what a “president” is.

Oftentimes people select the president by the team he or she represents. If you like the people standing behind one candidate while detesting those standing behind the other, then you select the representative of the team you prefer, ignoring all other factors concerning the particular candidate.

And it’s an odd proposition to consider, that one person should lead or represent over 300,000,000 others. It’s somewhat absurd to think that a single person should be able to make a decision that affects not only the entirety of the country, but populations around the globe as well.

People also often neglect the influence of the other branches of government as well as the entities and agencies that are somewhat insulated from the political process. Although a president can make decisions with far-reaching effects, there are others within government with significant power — yet the spotlight remains on the president.

And of course the vetting process is an odd one, where onlookers watch candidates briefly insult one another on a stage after insulting each other through the media for many months prior. For an allegedly important position, a rigorous and formalized process would seem more appropriate.

What is actually learned from this so-called vetting process? Which candidate is most effective at brushing away scrutiny. Not who is the most qualified for the upcoming position we know very little about, but the one whose campaign is best able to deftly deflect while marching ever forward into the fray.

In a realm without logic this all makes sense of course. We see the flashing images before us and react with emotion. We pick from a binary choice, feeling our way to the answer. We side with those most like ourselves, seeing pure villainy across the aisle. Or we abstain, remaining apolitical, although still affected either way.

It’s dreams all the way down. For my tastes, I wish for a world without persecution and blame — and that starts within. So I see such times as a reminder of the turmoil we harbor within ourselves. How can we have tranquility as a nation if our individual minds are anything but tranquil. And so for the good of the world I quiet my thoughts and dream of a joyful day in which we celebrate as one.


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