Repetitious Redemption

Society throughout the historic narrative, as well as each individual comprising it, seems to experience a constant cycle of redemption. Through ignorance, man errs. And upon learning of his mistake, man strives to make amends. The prevalence of redemption within the human narrative demonstrates life’s fictional nature.

Man as a creature must be made inept lest he lack the ability to falter. And the consciousness within must witness this ongoing incompetence. From a far-off vantage-point we typically laugh at the clumsiness of others — yet when we are the subject, our smile often falls, turning to frown.

This lamentable situation of dissatisfaction with existence arises when we are too attached to the character we’re watching, when we believe his stumbles are our own. But by adjusting perspective, we can see we are not him, and we are perfectly welcome to delight in his shortcomings.

These characters we inhabit are not designed for perfection, the flaws create the fun. Stories are created for the amusement of an audience — the watcher within. Understanding this is what brings satisfaction with life. Despite our inherent nearsightedness, practice allows us to retain some mindfulness of our situation — this is the insight known as enlightenment.


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