Growing Up

Do we say a child has a differing opinion or do we say his worldview is underdeveloped? Is it raw age, or an ever expanding perspective that makes for maturity?

How do we characterize immaturity? The immature are easily frightened. The immature are insular. The immature see only from their own eyes. The immature reject what they don’t immediately understand. The immature must always win else tantrums flair.

How would we characterize maturity? The mature lack unfounded fears. The mature are inclusive of outliers. The mature attempt to see what others see. The mature seek to understand underlying complexity. The mature accept loss with grace.

While immature ideas are not valid opinions, the feelings producing them are real. In this way, seek to validate the feelings of those harboring such thought, let them know their dissatisfaction is recognized.

And once a connection is established, help them understand their myopia. Shine a light on the shadows that scare them. Show them the humanity they share with others. Introduce them to expansive ideas. Encourage them to trust in life’s goodness.


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