Universal Broadcast

The ideas I share through my writing are authentic, not rehashed from commentary I’ve read. In fact I’m not much of a reader. I simply watch thoughts passing through my gaze, then pluck the most interesting and transcribe them here.

What it seems like, is that there’s an everlasting stream of broadcasted ideas flowing through a receiver in my mind. My consciousness observes the broadcast with great interest.

This is a common signal going out to all of us. The things I think have all been thought before. I often hear people talking about an author’s or philosopher’s ideas and notice how much they resemble my own thoughts.

But each of us is only tuned into a specific set of channels. My interest happens to be in philosophical matters so that’s the station I’m currently attuned to. If someone is into wood-carving, he’s tuned to that station instead.

People have uncanny abilities in their field of interest, a talent that’s untaught. People are regularly updated with inspiration and ideas that seem to come from a place beyond themselves.

It’s important though, that we not evaluate the individual worth of each station — we must see all as equally deserving the attention of an audience. And it is the duty of each listener to make use of what he hears, sharing with his surrounding world.


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