Dream-based Economy

It’s dreams we sell to one another. No matter the product, dreams are the bottomline. Those millions of bottles of supplements are filled with fantasy. Politicians peddle pie-in-the-sky not prudent policy. When the Hulkster stood in front of capacity crowds in the middle of Madison Square Garden, he was the sandman sprinkling 24-inch pythons in the eyes of every onlooker.

A box of snacks from across the globe has an adventure in every bite! Such delectables are not constructed of wheat and sugar but of dreams. The clothes we wear are costumes representing a characteristic we wish to portray. Products in our hands evoke feelings far beyond what their constituents suggest. This is a world comprised of commingling imaginations.

Therefore, to seek success, look not to practicality. The things we sell represent grander ideas, actual artifacts don’t matter — it’s not trinkets that move mankind. It’s the story behind the antique watch, not the metal and springs giving it value. Gold then cash then credit all represent a worth we collectively accept, there is no inherent value in the material aspects of money.

In dreams man reaches beyond his immediate grasp. The ultra successful fulfilled their fantasies, they were not grounded, nor were they impeded by naysayers. In every transaction the seller sows the seed of inspiration within the buyer. This is where success is found, in the bartering of dreams. Now, package and ship the fantastical product produced within you.


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