Happiness in Hope

There’s a cruel lie we often tell ourselves, that hopefulness will ultimately fail in its fruition and the resulting disappointment will cause all sorts of misery. Additionally, we’d better brace for not getting what we want, or do ourselves the favor of not imagining the outcomes we desire in the first place. But hopefulness, whether fulfilled or not, is a source of happiness.

For example, “Rich, one day you’ll live in a place you prefer surrounded by all the things you love.” The cruel lie would say, “You idiot, that can’t happen, you’re stuck right where you are — and stop thinking about all the things you’ll never have because it’ll only make you sad — keep those fantasies locked away.”

The better option is to relish the wish, to not only allow it to circulate through thought, but encourage it. Daydreaming is like watching a pleasant scene soaked in warm hues of the summer sun on a lazy afternoon. We often delight in scenarios we never expect to manifest, we witness them all the time in books and movies.

So who cares if it comes true, we can enjoy the dream itself — and if it does materialize, that’s great too. In every instance, always choose hope over despair — it’s the choice of happiness over sadness. As is said: if surrounded by darkness, should we not seek the light? But if brightness is not to be found, at least we can imagine a well-lit mind.


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