Specific Mistake

Move away from a tough situation right into another. Lose something, then lose something else. Get rid of one bully as another awaits. Cure one illness and there’s more to come. Perceive one insult, then another. Mix and match these so-called causes of misery, collect them all.

We often blame a particular attribute or association or circumstance for making our life hard. But the difficulty we have with life has nothing to do with specifics — if it’s not one thing causing problems, it’ll be another. The root cause of misery is a misunderstanding of life.

Life is not hard, it’s captivating. It’s a flashing spectacle of light and sound filled with twists and turns all the way to the end. We are not struggling for survival else we’d be long gone, as we’re clearly unable to account for all the world’s pitfalls. Neither is our sustained existence due to dumb luck.

The cure for our perpetual ailment is this: perceive life as good. Trust in this goodness. Never waiver, and satisfaction awaits. See the world as a realm designed to entertain an ever observing essence existing untouched by the turbulence. The drama! The action! The surprises! What fun!


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