Frightful Sight

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Winter Warren

Tom the timid rabbit spoke: I can barely see, can you help me?

The wise wizened rabbit replied: Your eyes are blurry because you’re afraid of the world. As a child you perceived something very frightening and from that moment distanced yourself from scary sights. But this is an error. Yes you were scared, but the cause of that fright was not an actual impending doom. You were scared because you had a negative reaction to a scene that played out within your mind.

The world is a dream. Your eyes never saw trueness — it is your mind that believes in vision. It is your mind that creates every scene within fictional surroundings. If you believe yourself myopic to shield yourself from ugliness, then it becomes so. But the contrary is also true, if you believe in beauty and so want to see it, then vision clarifies.

Your lack of clarity comes from your distrust of life. You so fear hideousness that you are willing to shut everything out. As a child immaturity is expected, but now you must leave those childish worries behind. The images you imagine scar only when you believe yourself solid. Deny this lie of solidity and henceforth be healed.

Do not be skittish of what lies behind each corner, for you are the author of interpretation. It is within your power to discern the elegance in all things. Shrink not from life because of an anxious idea, instead choose to see the beauty that surrounds. You can see as well as you want to, now create within yourself the desire.

Rise, remove your spectacles, and look.


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