Success Status

It’s been almost a year now since I began a quest for success. Yet, there’s no visible change. Nothing about my surroundings seems any different than ten months ago. But internally, I’ve demolished the idea of a material world within my mind. This particular philosophical foundation allows me to see success as a condition readily accomplished.

What does success and belief have to do with one another? To be successful, one must be able to accept the premise and possibility of success. Previously I had little use for the concept, as I have very little drive for external accomplishment. But experimentally I set success as a goal. And now I hold an adequate belief.

I perused a handful of books whose subject-matter involved the attainment of success. I was somewhat surprised by how much they focused on the mental component. Success seemed more about belief than actual activity. And this carried through to even the business oriented books. So I set as my task the building of a belief system that allowed for dreams to come true.

And yes I’m skeptical of the snake-oil aspect of success advice. But there’s no wasted effort here, as I’ve enjoyed this foray into a belief system that allows a limitlessness to life. For a few years now I’ve been moving further away from my pessimistic origins and these concepts fit right in with that journey.

Additionally, as part of the experiment, I want to determine how much influence I have over life — is existence more of a pre-scripted movie or an open-ended game. And if influenceable, by how much and in what form. I want to see if belief really does translate into physical manifestation as so many claim.

As far as what’s next, I’ll continue waiting with hopeful anticipation. Sources seem to say we should not incessantly focus on our goal, but lay the groundwork and just let it happen. I have an idea in mind and I’m open to accepting it. Now the ball’s in life’s court, I’m ready to receive.

P.S. But what if you’re completely wrong in your interpretation and approach? I am sincere in my effort and authentic to my self, so if that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. Plus I really have no other interests at this time, there’s essentially no opportunity cost to consider. And if nothing comes of this, that’s still a result in the experiment and a lesson learnt.

Hopefulness, it should be remembered, is a good feeling. Whether wishes come to pass doesn’t really matter, as the optimistic anticipation of their fruition is oftentimes better than the actual result.


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