Perfect Error

If God is the sum of all things, and God is perfect, then who is making the error in understanding? Why is it that we feel so confused about life? Why do we feel as if we’re bewildered individuals milling about, ever searching for understanding? And if we are at our essence, God himself, why do we lack power?

God is indeed the sum of all things and thus lacks nothing — and this omniscience cannot err. The logical explanation then, is that God purposefully creates confusion to fool himself. Can God devise a riddle so difficult that he himself cannot solve it? No, but God can hinder his ability, slowing down the process.

To do so, God paints a picture of individuality and creates a captivating story around each. God’s omnipresence watches all at once. Each life is made interesting through obstacles and surprises. Constant interruptions prevent contemplating for too long. Sleep and dreams for instance break up daily life and introduce randomly generated scenes to reduce coherency.

But God can only delay the inevitable. Eventually the awareness focusing on a single life realizes the illusion. Although God loses himself in each story, that part of himself often figures out the fiction. But as so much spectacle surrounds, insight is difficult to grasp. Forgetfulness clouds over and attention quickly shifts.


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