Exiting an Era

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Solve For X.
Life from the perspective of Generation X.

Truth be told, many of us hated the lives our parents led. We wanted nothing to do with the confinement it promised. They worked as drones for decades to delay enjoyment of life until their eventual retirement. Long-term corporate careers and pensions seemed like indentured servitude to us. Neck-ties were the leash by which corporate masters towed their underlings along.

Many of us despised the oppressive conformity of schools. The factory-like setting of indoctrination and rote memorization. Many saw these institutions as prisons constructed to house the bodies and minds of upcoming generations, actively crushing their creativity. And factional warfare amongst the uninspired prison-populace made it a miserable place from all angles.

The jobs we were offered were a mere handful of lackluster options, each more soul-sucking than the next. Accountant? Lawyer? Salesman? Cubicle dweller? Cashier? And for what? Certainly not for personal fulfillment, but merely a paycheck to maintain a preapproved lifestyle. Our role-models became those that rejected this false facade of a well-ordered society.

And that way of life has been crumbling apart for a while now. It would be hypocritical of us to lament such an event. We should be smiling as video-game playing has become a prominent career path. See mom, it wasn’t a waste of time. Yes there’s going to be bumps along the way, many will go without and see dreams unfulfilled. But this has been the case throughout all ages.

It’s funny to see some from younger generations glorify the life of that generation. At that time entire towns dedicated themselves to factory life — everyday the same. Yes, those particular places have been gutted and yes the transition could have been less cruel — but change comes with a price, sometimes steep — we must look forward though and assume the bigger picture is better.

Many of my generation are so used to perceiving the worst of our surroundings because we witnessed the end of an era. But now is the dawning of a new way of life, so we must shed our pessimism and embrace this newness. And as we go through this transformation, let’s not fight for scraps and cling to what never really worked — let’s help one another up, progressing along this path together.


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