Persuasive Passenger

If I define myself by this body and its actions, then I’m apt to get upset or offended. For instance, if something happens to this body then I’ll likely lament the injury, wishing it never happened as I linger in pain. If someone insults this body, then I’ll likely suffer from the indignity.

To mitigate those effects then, I must not believe that I am defined by a body (including its actions). I must see myself as the observer, not the doer. I am not the driver of this mortal frame, but a passenger along for the ride, sightseeing through the window. But it’s a little more complicated than pure passivity.

As a passenger, I still have control over what I focus on. I still have control over whether I listen to the internal dialog occurring within the vehicle. I still have control over how I interpret all this incoming data. But of course, I may not realize that I have this control or realize the way in which to use it.

But if at some point I do realize my power, then perhaps I can influence the driver into steering toward the direction I most prefer. Perhaps through incessant suggestion the driver will succumb. But whether I ultimately influence the path or not, it’ll be best if I try to appreciate the overall journey. After-all, it can be nice to get out and experience existence.


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