Lighted Pathway

Initially, our physical senses seem to be a doorway into the world. And why not, what we see is what we get, right? But eventually, what we receive does not align with what we perceive. This causes confusion and angst.

We then struggle with the stress of this inner conflict. We try altering the exterior to match our beliefs. But our ideas, as well as the outer world, are moving targets which we ever fail to reconcile.

Left with despair, we give up. But this capitulation is not an end, but a beginning. We stop believing that truth is obvious. We cease in trusting sensory data. We no longer hold tight to our previous beliefs.

In a way we’re lost, yet we see a light far ahead in the distance. And so we walk. We stumble of course, but recover and dedicate ourselves to the path. The closer we get, the more brilliant the glow, and the more revealed to us.

With an expanding view, our perspective broadens, the dark and scary world is no longer so. We trust in the underlying goodness of life and observe our surroundings more like a motion-picture, all while appreciating the spectacle before us.

Through this lens, life is no longer criticized. We come to exude open-mindedness, forgiveness, and patience. We want nothing but the best for all. And in this resplendent light we find ourselves, finally aligning with our essence.


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