Looking Forward

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Demagogue and Fugue.

I’m looking forward to Trump’s America. It’s going to be great. The best. In life, there’s winners and losers, I’m a winner. By whatever clever means, I’m going to get mine — that’s just smart. Paying others is for suckers. More for me.

Finally, ugly old hags will be shamed into hiding. Nothing but beauty-queen caliber gals out in public. Relationship not cutting it, time for an upgrade. When women and other-colored folks know their place, I’ll be on top.

I love talking over people. I love telling people they’re worthless. I feel powerful. A king in my shiny gold castle. What I say, goes. The weak deserve what they get, and I’ll take what they have left. HA!

It’s time the world knows that men like me are in charge. Foreigners smell funny. It’s about time they know that. They’ll be begging to come here, but we won’t let them. Nope, not one. Except the pretty ones.

In Trump’s America, even little men like me will be looked up to. The money will be pouring into my pockets. Pouring like a slot-machine on triple cherries. I win! America wins when money leads the way.


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