Dissolving Division

The most shocking and horrific tragedies within the historic narrative result from the dehumanization of victims. The opposite of this cruel division, is the union of humanity — in other words: oneness, seeing all as worthy components of the whole.

The goal of the good therefore, is to unite mankind — for blessed are the peacemakers. It is the gentle among us, those advocating harmony and cooperation, that truly align with the will of creation. Strife is a condition born of error: seeing separation where none exists.

We must demolish within ourselves the significance of difference. That something is not like another is the delightful diversity of life, a celebration of creativity — but to assign value to these particulars is an offensive act — man has no right to judge such precedence.

Prejudices have always been fashionable, changing across time and culture, demonstrating their lack of factual basis. So it is labels and their application that warps men’s minds. To end this evil, such divisive definitions of false hierarchy must be destroyed. We must look at others as reflections of ourselves. Beyond superficialities, we are all equally existing.


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