Material Malaise

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, if I’m seeking enlightenment, must I really dismiss the idea of a material world?

Yes, dear reader, but don’t take it so seriously. It’s not like the world will evaporate before your eyes. You won’t lose the ability to appreciate beautiful landscapes. Smells still tantalize. Food is flavorful. Relationships retain their bonds.

Think of enlightenment as the pinnacle of logical thought. You no longer believe in hearsay evidence, only in what you can personally prove. But upon further investigation, it turns out that your senses often relay false information. It further turns out that your random thoughts lack veracity. So in the final analysis, you can prove nothing. You can’t even prove there’s a physical world.

What you know is that existence itself exists. You can also discern things you like. It makes sense to focus on those things while ignoring the rest. Things that induce anxiety and frustration are ignored. Whereas in a material world, you can’t ignore the danger lurking everywhere lest you succumb — that’s a harsh reality.

But a realm of pure existence lacks limitations, stimuli comes and you’re allowed to shape its final form. You’re allowed to trust in the goodness of life. Instead of the preset canvas of a material world, you’re given the freedom to create your own vision of life. By dismissing the physicality of so-called realty, life opens to interpretation — and from there, select the most satisfying explanation.


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