Hungry Hole

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts.

Good government is a body that carries out the collective will of the people. A government that fails in that task is not a government of the people, but one of rapacious men. In such parasitical politics, particular individuals gain at the expense of the whole, fulfilling their own needs while leaving others to languish.

If parts within a society want for nutritious food, it is guaranteed that ravenous wolves rule the roost. Who amongst us wishes for any other to go without sustenance? Rise coward, and speak your frivolous words — else by your silence consent to this humane right. In a land of excess, it is the highest shame for so many to lack access to the best of what Earth offers.

If budgetary numbers fail to add up, who should pay that price? What should be cut? Shall it be the nutrients of those most vulnerable? This is simply not the choice that good people make. Only those so blind to the human condition can fathom such a devilish deal. How can one knowingly indulge in extremes while others lack even the minimum?

Only in ignorance is such inhumanity possible. But ignorance has a cure, does it not? With knowledge of suffering, mankind learns empathy. And once understood, those with the most gladly give of their gains to a government directed to distribute fair shares of Earth’s bounty. This is no idyllic thought by the way, but a return to our very history.

Yet as we the people are wont to do, our progress often backslides. Our halls of government are regularly overrun by the selfishness of those seeking personal prosperity. There is no scarcity of resource, but of love and respect for fellow beings. Yet at our core, we the people want ALL to be fed with wholesome foods, of this there can be no doubt.

Let those wishing to argue over dollars and cents do so at THEIR expense. Feed the people first.


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