Conceptual Expansion

High population density has often shown itself injurious to humans exposed to such conditions. Wars, pandemics, mass-migrations all seemingly occur as both the result of, and “remedy” to, an overpopulation situation. But what if conceptual space is enlarged instead of physical space, do virtual-worlds create enough breathing room for those feeling locked-in by life?

For instance, books, movies, and video-games create fictional realms in which users are provided with a feeling of expansion. And the Internet expands individual reach within the actual world, allowing users to access much more of what lies beyond their physical touch. Because of this, we’ve witnessed an increase in virtual space over the last few decades.

At locations in which virtual space has expanded, statistics seems to support the idea of a cooling-off — those people appear calmer. It would follow then, that the propagation of Internet access is of vital importance to global harmony. And has been said before, such a far-reaching reference would be helpful in creating and maintaining a common global narrative.

Relatedly, the feeling of community is another method of dealing with the perception of confinement. For instance, if people are surrounded by constant competition, they’re under pressure to perform. Whereas if neighbors feel as if they’re on the same team and cooperation rules the day, then living in close-quarters is much more tolerable.

And finally, something else to consider is the idea of spirituality as a means to expand one’s conceptual space. Spirituality removes even the limits of Earth-bound existence. When exterior walls surround, oftentimes there’s no place to go but in. Spirituality seems to give mankind this reprieve.


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