Verbal Patisserie

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, I’m not quite sure I appreciate some of the things you write about, in fact some these ideas just don’t suit me, should I cease and desist reading your content?

Dear Reader, I don’t like cheesecake. In fact I loathe its very existence. If it were called cream-cheese-pie I’d not mind its presence so much, but as it is now, I find it both distasteful and dishonest. I do not appreciate its cold creamy texture nor its pre-fabricated gram-cracker crust — and quite frankly, I don’t believe cheese of any sort belongs within a dessert (insert audible gasp here). I much prefer frosted flour-based cakes and fruit-based pies.

Yet you would think me foolish and overreactive if I were to walk out of a bakery just because it happened to serve “cheesecake” alongside chocolate cakes and apple pies. You’d say: Rich, just ignore the items that don’t suit your palate and simply partake of the delectables you do enjoy — stop being so petty.

So likewise, dear reader, I would council you with similar advice. Some of this content is just not meant for you while some is tailored specifically to your tastes. Pick and choose while digesting with a lighthearted attitude. I’m merely a baker of thoughts, distributing ideas of various shapes and styles.

If you’ve sampled a few and found nothing of interest, then of course, select another establishment that better suits your needs. But if you find a few tasty tidbits, then stick around and patiently appreciate whatever it is you do like.


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