New Healing

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Wandering Monk.

People listen to those that have the trappings of success. Wealth has replaced health as the sign of spiritual power. Disciples therefore, should no longer focus on physical ailments, but on helping others find fulfillment. For the most part, humanity has left physical sickness behind, no more are lepers and the blind milling about wishing to be healed. Nowadays it’s the feeling of lack that haunts men’s minds. Illness is out, success is in.

To the spiritually-minded, sickness manifests due to an error in belief — and it was the disciple’s duty to rectify this error by establishing faith within the confused soul. The foundation is still the same, the methodology is merely updated for the times. And yes, worshipping money is still wrong — success is simply the activities we do on Earth that provide us the feeling of fulfillment.

And just like charlatan faith healers of old, prosperity-doctrine con-men attempt to gain without truly giving. But the existence of exploitation does not negate the underlying idea: that man is meant to experience well-being within the world. Does a creator not love his creations? Then why would he not wish the best for what he created? It is the confusion of an immature mind that sees not the bounty that surrounds but focuses only on the lack.

So what exactly are the spiritual-minded to do in order to impress the masses of today? It is the duty of disciples to broadcast the goodness of life amongst the many. As always, followers must remove the fetters that hinder faith. Man must be encouraged to trust in the wholesomeness of his existence. Mankind must be taught that physical senses are inadequate at perceiving the greatness and unity underlying all. And in this way, mankind aligns with his creator.


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