Oiling an Engine

An economic system is a means by which a pool of resources is divided amongst participants. If at any point resources cease to flow, the system can be considered broken. One group especially susceptible to a stalled flow is new participants. Without means to attain sufficient bargaining power, they are left outside the system.

To restart a stalled system, economic burden must be removed from those groups that are stuck, and they must be provided an adequate means of transactional lubrication. It is folly to blame the parts for the failing of the whole. And if those parts that are first to stick don’t become unstuck, the entire system collapses in sequence.

Gunk in the form of debt must be removed from those segments that are still. Grease in the form of spendable cash must be put in the hands of these susceptible segments. Filters must be put in place to limit detritus in the form of unfairness. Limits must be placed on the means to exploit the engine’s capabilities.

It is an error to assume that gunning the gas will allow the still functioning parts to push past the sticking point. The gunk and wear on the gears only intensifies. To be a well-functioning system, the pockets of accumulating oil must be caught and redistributed amongst the parts most thirsty.


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