Impractical Survivors

Take a good hard look at everyday people. People are not practical survivors. People are weak and absent-minded. It takes an extensive stretch of the imagination to believe that people are capable of taking care of themselves. People have extremely limited skill-sets, limited tools, limited attention-spans, limited memories, a limited ability to cooperate, and a limited ability to cope with hardship. In short, people are clueless.

Yet people survive. Not only do they survive, but many seem to thrive. Huh? What this demonstrates is the unreality of existence. The world is not reasonable — it just plain doesn’t make sense. I have no doubt that if life didn’t lead me along, I’d surely meet my demise at every turn. Despite my lack of knowledge and skill, I’m effortlessly gliding through life as if on an amusement-park ride.

There is no survival of the fittest. We’re not brutes scraping together every morsel we consume — and we never were. Not survival, but existential crisis has been the crux of our problems since time immemorial. We’re confused bundles of awareness struggling to understand what this is we’re observing.

But once we see this world for what it is, suddenly it all makes sense. Ceaseless questions are answered. Fear evaporates. Happiness and belonging sets in. We’re home. There was no mistake, we really are meant to be here. We see our fellow bundles-of-awareness and wish them well on their particular journey.

If life was truly tough we’d be crushed in an instant. It’s not life giving us a hard time, but we ourselves applying undue pressure. When we stop struggling, we become free of the artificial restraints we’ve constructed. When we finally trust in the goodness of life, we experience the lighthearted life that’s been embracing us the entire time.


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