Obscure Illumination

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, why does the language of enlightenment seem so obtuse?

Dear reader, it’s not that the details and descriptions are purposefully mysterious. In fact the language is oftentimes succinct and direct. But there are two issues at play here. First, it’s difficult to understand something you haven’t experienced yet. Second, interpretations and transcriptions are unable to fully express actuality. And relatedly, the skill and background of both speaker and listener varies greatly. Realize too that those translating or documenting are not necessarily enlightened themselves, which can lead to misrepresentations.

When you do finally reach a state of enlightenment though, you’ll notice how often similar depictions appear and how well they overlap. Despite time and culture, enlightenment underlies all authentic spirituality. And documents that once seemed obtuse will decode and become readily understood. You’ll be able to see past the documenter’s bias while filling in the blanks of what was left out.

Also realize, enlightenment does not come from a book. Research only helps us to appreciate that something exists beyond our senses, but to actually perceive this formlessness, we have to trust and follow the path. So it’s not required that you understand the concept of enlightenment from its description. You need only know you must walk the path — that’s not a choice you make. The choice is in your intent and dedication.

Yes, it might seem odd that you’re seeking an obscure destination. You’d like to do your research before you arrive. Yet understanding is the point, and you can’t understand before you understand, or else you’d already understand — understand?


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