Forming the Formless

Enticing ideas flow through a mental stream.
A buffet of circumstances parades before perception.
What interests, partake. What does not delight, let pass.
Worldly things are mere fodder for thought, not constraints.

Confusion, not actuality makes it otherwise.
Stop guessing — to obtain truth, seek.
Yet nothing but hazy mist lies ahead.
But from this formlessness, art takes shape.

This message is not cryptic.
It is as succinct and direct as can be.
But to stare at the sun is to be blinded.
The senses see only the reflection of light.

The inner eye alone can perceive such brilliance.
But the mind is buzzing, so captivated by worldliness.
Still the mind through quiet repetition.
Commit to the path of enlightenment.

Within our darkest hour, clarity comes.
Flowers begin their journey buried in mud.
A progressing stem raises petals into radiance.
Once lifted, be the beauty that is you.


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