In a Stew

It has been said: treat others as you would yourself be treated. Yet observe the hardship placed upon others. If this is a world of commingling minds, then we are crafting a hardship-stew.

Unless in every way we wish for the easement of others, then we fail ourselves. It is not our duty to judge and punish nor in any sense prohibit another’s path through life.

Constraint upon mankind’s proclivities causes the calamities we witness. It is not by open-minds that the worst of the world comes to pass, but by closed-minds seeking to lock surroundings into a static state.

By selfishness and its creation of false-scarcity, mankind deprives himself the goodness that can be. What man takes he can never own, as earth and its fruit is a gift given to all.

To dwell in abundance, man must not cling to what is provided, only partake of his share. It is not man’s place to act as ravenous wolves, ripping sustenance from the meek.

Our role is not to rule our brother, for this house belongs to no man. We are all guests of a host we have yet to meet. And when that time comes, what shall we reply when asked about our treatment of fellow guests?

What better response is there than this: I cared for others in the manner I craved to be cared for. I gave without being asked. I soothed those suffering. I sought harmony in every instance. I encouraged all to live the life they saw fit.

To be consumed by a wicked world of our own design, is that the pinnacle of existence? When preparing a meal, do we not get what we put in? Do rotten ingredients not make for rotten meals?

Yet by the very same power we can facilitate a pleasant atmosphere for our fellow guests. Do we hinder or help our host? Do we make ourselves useful and serve others?

So let us therefore contribute the best of ourselves to the whole. Let us discard our complaints and criticisms. Let us be welcoming, warm, and caring. And let us love everyone as we so wish to be loved.


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