Flowing Fads

We can witness how fashion, fads, and fears permeate through society. And with the slightest bit of research, we can see that norms often differ in each era. What’s truth in one period or place, can be lies in another. And all these trends change over time, oftentimes completely reversing. What this demonstrates is the ambiguity of the world.

All these ideas about life are fictitious facts created in our minds, broadcasted and blindly accepted as truth. Multitudes of anxious minds cower in fear, so scared of a twisted fairytale formed from imagination. And these fictitious facts are traded amongst the many, warping the world to appear as if a nightmare.

But if perspectives are so malleable, why pass around the darkest of ideas? Should we not devise and disseminate the most pleasing ones? Logic dictates this must be done. The trends in which we participate must be those that celebrate existence, displaying our trust in the goodness of life and our concern for each other.

Let us refrain from sharing what scares us, and put forth only what delights. We know by incontrovertible proof that ideas spread like wildfire. Now imagine that we extinguish the flames of fright that attempt to burn us to the ground, transferring that energy into a force for good, propagating the best of what mankind can offer.


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