Becoming Light

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, I’m concerned that if I attain enlightenment I’ll instantaneously merge with the infinite.

Dear reader, yes that’s a common concern, but fret not, you’ll continue to live out your life. But instead of constant struggle, you’ll be as a masterful musician playing for the delight of others. Instead of fixating on your physical being or engaging with internal dilemmas, you’ll look beyond “you” and into to the wider world. No longer toiling in practice, but deftly playing the instrument that is you.

In other words, the body will receive much less attention as awareness no longer focuses on sensory data. You’ll perceive the world in a way that can’t be captured by the senses alone. You’ll move beyond mere subsistence and into mastery. You’re still you, but in the best possible sense.

But do be careful of the transition, as many become captivated by the overwhelming sensation of power. This power flows through you — yet you’re simply a conduit, the power is not you. Don’t allow this sensation to reattach you to the world, be aware of its presence and maintain perspective.

So in short, dear reader, proceed full-steam ahead. Pursue this path, you’ve nothing to lose but your attachment to a dreary dream. What waits on the other side is not no dream at all, but a delightful dream in which you have the influence that so far seemed missing. You’re not waking up, but becoming aware.


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