Taking the Reins

If you’re fundamentally dissatisfied with life, it means autopilot isn’t working, therefore it’s time to take the wheel and start steering.

Step one: Realization. Realize and accept that you’ve been on autopilot this whole time. The life you’re living is being directed by your underdeveloped thoughts. Your dissatisfaction demonstrates that these immature ideas are a hindrance, and your course needs redirecting.

Immature thoughts are those that reject life, they’re usually based in fear or frustration, resulting in self-imposed limits which stall one’s progress through the world. Mature thoughts are those that help develop a satisfied outlook with life, these include such themes as appreciation and hopefulness. In a well-maintained mind, seeds of growth are planted while weeds of negativity are discarded.

Step two: Awareness. Maintain an awareness of the happenings within the mind. You can’t pluck the weeds if you never look for them. Meditation for instance, helps us observe the ongoings of the mind from a detached perspective. Once we’re mindful of our thoughts, we can evaluate their effects on our moods, separating the weeds from the seeds.

Step three: Positivity. As in, it’s time to plant positivity within your mind. The best way to maintain your mind-garden is to have overflowing crops of the variety you prefer. If you leave gaps, the weeds will grow, requiring constant upkeep. Begin by imagining the things you like, the ideal outcomes, think of the life that instills a sense of delight. When fear and doubt start to sprout, dismantle their ability to take root.

Step four: Fun. Gardening should be a lighthearted hobby. Part of the problem is an over-seriousness toward life. Just focus on your garden, the little patch in front of you. Regularly envision the harvest you dream of, placing no roof above, let it grow, unlimited. But stay detached, not overly involved, let roots strengthen and stems thicken as they naturally do. Appreciate the process while being ever hopeful in its bloom.


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