All Aboard

If you really stare at it, you’ll see that life is pretty lame. For instance, I spent yesterday morning on the phone talking about a dead dog with my mother while my friend drove an hour away to look at a landmark. After the phone call I spent a couple hours thinking and typing. I ate some left-over tacos for supper, played a video-game, then took a shower. And before heading off to bed I wrote what you’re reading now. This is the majesty of existence? Really?

Even the ideal life I imagine isn’t much different, it’s mainly an upgrade in scenery. So how does something so lame engage us so fully? Illusions and trickery of course. For one, we’re never allowed to stare too long. Our focus diverts, external events intrude, fatigue sets in. Even for someone so aware, life captures my attention all throughout the day. Life regularly entraps us with triggers that send us into autopilot, causing us to mindlessly act out responses.

But Rich, just what are you trying to say? I’m telling you quite frankly that life is a contrived experience. It isn’t even remotely genuine. There is no natural world. And don’t worry, if you’re having a great time here this idea won’t even make sense. But if you’re truly distressed to the core, then realize this world is nothing more than flickering pixels. What you’re worried about doesn’t actually exist. If you’re anxious, there’s no need to be.

Traveling for instance, is simply the updating of an x,y,z coordinate. Additionally, life reacts to whatever you’re able to maintain in your mind. If you regularly think about something, whether positively or negatively, life will make sure you have more of it. So be careful what you contemplate lest it manifest before your eyes. The closest analogy to life is a dream. Before sleep, infuse your mind with the best of thoughts or else you’ll buy a ticket to the nightmare train.


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