Unknown Awareness

An interesting metric of existence, is how captivated we are by our personal interpretation of life. In other words, to what degree are we aware of our own shortsighted perspective. To hold a rigid understanding of life is to close off our awareness of the underlying nature of existence, which is unknowableness.

Yet saying we can’t explain life is not equivalent to saying we’re confused. We simply don’t know what’s going on here, not in a confused way — we confidently accept our ignorance. We realize that we entered existence in the middle of a free-for-all, yet it’s our perspective alone that determines whether we’re amidst chaos or a concert.

Do we pleasantly accept the unknowableness of existence or do we oppose it with strict dogmatic belief, strangulating ourselves with certainty? Fear and frustration, sadness and seriousness, these are products of certainty. But through awareness of unknowableness, there’s nothing to be afraid of, no deadlines to meet, no loss to be found, no protocols to follow.

The more confident we are in the unknowableness underlying existence, the more open-minded we become. There are no rules to follow, yet this doesn’t lead to pandemonium but to lightheartedness. And by no longer trusting in our faulty and ever-changing point-of-view, we’re left to trust in life itself, finally free of our false beliefs.


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